New technology!

So, fall has finally come..and with it a cold that I seem not to get rid of! Luckily today I didn’t have to work so I spent my day relaxing and trying to get better…this was basically my motto the whole day:


Everything is better with coffee or tea!! In my case today it was two cups of home made cappuccino and now a cup of tea before bed!

My beloved computer decided to finally die on me last week, so I haven’t been able to come here as often as I’d liked…BUT the good news is that I got myself a new computer!!! It is amazing and cute and big (hey, I used to have an 11” screen, so a 15” looks huge ok???? Don’t judge) and I’ve been playing with it for the past two days =D


I had ice cream for desert yesterday!!

What do you guys think of my new baby=

I knew I was going t need a new laptop because my old one was already giving signs of dying and would just turn off and other stuff…but it lasted me all 5 years and went through a lot with me, so I’m proud of it! But now I can finally make some new videos and play more with photography and other things that my old laptop didn’t manage to do!!

Hope you all are having a good week and lots of fun!

My new obsession: Blouses!

I’ve always had quite a casual the last few years it consisted mainly of jeans, tops and cardigans. And the occasional dress or skirt. Pretty boring, if you ask me.
Since I graduated and got a job, even if it’s just a part time one, I felt like I needed to “upgrade” my style and invest in better quality pieces instead of only getting things at H&M and C&A..and that’s what I’ve been trying to do in the past few months with small little things.. I started by getting this bag for my birthday, which I had been craving since I was a teenager.
Lately I’ve been going more towards blouses…it’s extremely hard for me to find a blouse that will fit my arms and bust without it being too loose on my stomach area.. I got two from Primark for 7€ and 13€, one with cap sleeves and one with long sleeves and they fit pretty good..but they’re not exactly good quality, if you know what I mean..
So now I’m on the hunt for a good white button down blouse that I can use with any outfit, dress it up or down and that will fit me well and is also good quality. I don’t mind spending a bit more of money if I know it’s worth it and will last me a very long time..
But I also like colour and the fashionista in me want to get a blouse in every colour and every one of those above!
Do you guys like blouses? I feel it’s a very good piece that can be dressed up or down and be worn either to work or a stroll in the park and that’s what I’m looking for, the kind of versatile and good quality pieces that will last you forever!

Inspirational Monday: A good life on the inside!

Hey hey everyone!

Today’s Inspirational Monday comes a bit later than usual, but just because I was working and busy all day!


I feel nowadays people let themselves go and think it’s more important to have the latest trends than having a life you love.

Having the latest iPhone or MacBook won’t make you happy. It might make you happy for a while, but in the end you’ll feel empty anyways..

I used to always want everything, want..want..want. And I was always…empty. Which in turn made me crave even more things, in a vain try to fill the space I had inside. It never worked.

Now I have good amazing family..a good job and my lovely baby Cookie. And you know what? My life isn’t perfect, be it inside or outside. And I have no problem whatsoever admitting that. I have my bad good days and my fat days. But I can say I’m happier than ever before. Am I the happiest I’ve ever been or will ever be? No, not the slightest. But I don’t feel empty inside anymore. I make good buys, I buy the things I need instead of only the things I think I need. And it feels good!!!

I still want an iPhone and I still want a Chanel bag, but those things don’t control my happiness anymore. (don’t fool yourselves, when I get them I WILL be happy, I just won’t make them the reason for my whole existence).

Let yourself go of the whole “I need and I want” and focus on really being happy! I guarantee you it is worth it and your life will have so much more meaning in the long run!

Have a great week!


A very scented fall!

I guess by now it’s no surprise at all that I love candles! I think it’s a girly thing actually…most of the girls I know like nice scented candles!

As I’ve told you before, last week me and my best friend D. went out to lunch and some shopping! Even though I didn’t get too much (didn’t want to spend a lot of money), I did take the opportunity to stock up on candles, since I knew I didn’t have any back up at home and my stock was running dangerously low,


We went to Primark and I discovered their new scented candles and diffusers! I never tried a diffuser before and though “why not”? since I wasn’t all that expensive at 1.50€ a bottle!

By the way, that’s not my Cookie cat in the picture above..that’s Dicky (“my” cat in Vienna) when he was a baby. They look very similar and Dicky was actually the first cat I fell in love with (as you can see, I have my room full of pictures of him)


I decided to go for the “Berry & Wild Fig” scent not only because the candles look pretty in pink, but because they smell divine! Not too strong and not too light, just the perfect amount of yummyness!


And they could I say no to them?


The diffuser looks really cute and is actually sitting in the same shelve with all my fashion and beauty books!

I think Primark is a good place to get candles that smell good and aren’t too expensive (that pack of candles costs 3.50€ and lasts a long time, at least for me). They’re on the cheap side, but I think they still have some quality and I just don’t think giving out a lot of money for an expensive candle just because everyone has them and they smell good is realistic for someone that only works a part-time job like me..

Do you like candles? Which one’s are you favorites? Any particular smell you can’t live without?

Inspirational Monday: Every body is beautiful!

For a very long time I was not only unhappy with my body but also heavily criticized for it by those who should have supported me the most. That turned me into an insecure girl who thought she would never be pretty (and was quite obsessed with beautiful people)

It took me many many years to see beauty in myself and learn to love myself and my “flaws” and accept that I’m great just the way I am..I have to thank my great friends and my Mr, who definitely taught me self-love and acceptance!

one body

How beautiful is this woman? Who said curves aren’t beautiful?

I think every girl should love her own body, be it curvy, skinny or in between!  And society, girls and boys should be more accepting of everyone’s shape, size or color!

If you want to go to the beach and flaunt your curves, then you should do it! And if you want to eat a piece of cake, then take that piece and enjoy it! Just don’t over do it and it will be ok, the most important thing is you be healthy and not what shape you are!

Everyone and every body is beautiful and should be treasured!

You are beautiful!

Yesterday’s Eye Make-Up

Yesterday was my day off and I spent it with my best friend having lunch and shopping!

I got a couple of cute things that I’ll show in another post, but today I want to show you my eye make-up because I loved it so much yesterday I just had to show it off to you all!


I wore a kind of rose-gold shimmer color all over the lid and a matt grey-brown on the crease!


I really like the way it turned out and how it made my eyes look bright and open!


What do you guys think? Do you like posts like this?

Update on my baby girl!

Today I’m only working in the afternoon, but I’m pretty beat up because I worked yesterday all day instead of just the morning and didn’t really get a good night sleep because of some punks making noise outside my house..

So I was pretty much in a foul mood until my little baby made me smile by being just her lovely kitten self! And I decided to share it with you!


She went on to my bed and turned everything on it upside down just to put “her” blanky the way she wanted it to be and proceeded by lying down on it and taking a nap!


Isn’t she precious? She’s been with me less than three months and I honestly can’t remember life without her..nor do I want to! she truly is my baby girl! (and right now she’s again on the blanky purring her lungs out!)


Can you believe how much she grew since she’s been here?? She doesn’t have her baby blue eyes anymore and she’s so much more of a lady now!


Remember the first two pictures I posted? It still amazes me how small she was compared to now!!


Do you also have pets? What do you love about them? I love how Cookie “talks” and chirps with me!

Inspirational Monday: Don’t be afraid!

After some weeks without any Inspirational Monday’s I finally decided to bring them back! I stopped writing them for a while because I felt a bit lost and under the weather but decided it is a good idea to write them and who knows, bring myself and maybe some of you readers up!


I’m often guilty of not trying enough out of fear but recently made a promise to myself to try everything I want to…I think if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried and can’t say I didn’t do anything, right?

I started swimming again and been loving it, but I wouldn’t know it if I hadn’t tried!

I urge all of you to try, do not be afraid to try….be afraid of what might happen if you don’t try!

Let me know what you think and if you like these kind of Inspirational Posts!!

Café Garrett Estoril: a place not to miss!

Yesterday the Mr decided to take me on a spontaneous trip to hands down the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to!!

I wasn’t expecting to go there so I didn’t bring my camera and that’s why all my pictures were taken from Google..but I just couldn’t not show you the amazing place!


We sat on the first floor by the windows and had a view of the street and even a bit of the seaside!


How amazing does this look? It’s so fancy and classy, but the service is nothing less than perfect!

I asked for a “shaken” Iced Tea and when I took my first taste I was in awe! It tasted heavenly! And the toast we had…just amazing!

All their cakes, cookies and general bakery is homemade and nothing less than perfection!


How yummy do the cakes look?

I truly have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a fair price for the quality! I truly recommend everyone to go check it out if you’re in the Estoril area!

But if you’re not, don’t get sad because there is also one in Lisbon and in Porto!! 

A very yummy birthday!

As I told you yesterday, me and the Mr went to one of his mate’s birthday dinner on Saturday evening. I always love those dinners because we always end up having loads of fun and in this case since it was at his place, we could make all the noise we wanted and take all the time we needed to eat! We had fondue and it was so funny because 14 people around a tiny fondue pot trying to do our meat wasn’t as easy as expected!! I personally did one go close to the pot (I was scared of getting burned) and my Mr was so kind and did it for me =P The birthday boy’s mom at one point took half of the meet and cooked it in the kitchen xD


This was our dessert and it tasted AMAZING!!! Seriously! I had never had pavlova and I’m definitely sold!


You can see I was happy to have my cake, right?


Those who know me know I don’t usually drink alcohol and I really hate red wine so this was just for the picture! I wanted to show how many bottles had already been used up xD of course when I showed this to my Dad he immediately said I was getting drunk all night (he was joking!)


The birthday cake! It was chocolate cake covered with chocolate! I don’t usually like that much chocolate together, but this was really good and not too sweet!


I didn’t try these because I was already so full, but those who did said they tasted really good!

I always love these evenings and I can’t wait for the 26th of October when one of my favorite guys from this group is having his birthday!!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


A lazy afternoon..

I had one of the most amazing weekends ever, spent with my lovely Mr. We had cuddles and napped by the sound of rain, which I think is one of the most romantic things ever! And in the evening we had a lot of fun at one of his mate’s birthday where there are pictures of me holding two empty bottles of wine (don’t ask!),

I think it’s safe to say that fall has finally started…while I do like the cooler weather, I am not all that much of a fan for rain, at least not while I’m walking to work. Thankfully today it only rained after I got to work and after I was home, so I did not end up soaked!

Today I spent the afternoon at home catching up on some of my favorite blogs, listening to the rain and cuddling with this little cutie:


And I even had a treat (or two!) in the afternoon! Caramel cappuccino, a scone and a kinder chocolate bar (my favorite!).


How was your start of the week? Are you excited for fall?


6 thing I’m excited for about Fall!

I gotta tell you guys, I’m so over the summer!!! I never really liked summer to begin favorite time of the year is fall so you can imagine how happy I am that this week the temperature is getting lower than 27º!! That news made me think about all the things I love about fall and what I’m excited for!!6 thing I'm excited for about Fall!
Darker nail polishes! I’m wearing a deep berry-like purple and I’m loving it!
Scarves! I love love love scarves and I’ve missed wearing them so much I can’t even describe it. I feel like the right scarf and brighten up any outfit. And yesterday I found the most amazing scarf from H&M with the Mr and even he said it “compliments my skin tone”..and now I want it so badly!
Military inspired jackets! I found a very similar one to the one above at C&A and I’m really considering getting it! I’m a bit bored of black and navy blue jackets and it’s been three years since I’ve gotten a jacket so when I saw that one I thought it would be a very good middle jacket..not too warm but warm enough for fall!
Coffee and tea!!! I can finally drink hot beverages again without feeling like I’m melting! Yesterday I had my first (and last) Iced Caramel Macchiato of the year and I can’t wait for the temperature to drop so I can drink hot coffee again (even though I love my homemade iced coffee as well!)
Candles! I love having candles around me but it’s been so freaking hot that whenever I turn them on it just feels like I’m inside a furnace! So for now they’ve just been sitting on my desk looking pretty (and smelling good!)
Last but not least, Boots! I’ve been wanting a pair of low heeled boots for fall/winter and I’m so excited that the time to wear then has finally come!!
I love everything about fall..the smell, the colors, the general feeling that I get..the only thing I don’t really like is that the days get shorter and shorter, but hey, if that’s the price to pay for not having burning hot days then I’m cool with it!!
Are you excited for fall too??

It’s better to ignore than to be fake! – Inspirational post

What do you do when you don’t like someone?

I usually try to be nice to someone I don’t like, if I don’t have a special reason not to like them…sometimes you just meet someone and instantly dislike them for no reason at all! But what do you do when you lost all respect for someone? And when that someone sometimes is with you and your friends? Well..that’s a tricky situation!

I personally just try to have the least amount of contact I can with that person. It doesn’t mean I can’t sit with them or hang out with them in the same group, it just means I don’t really talk to them. I’ll answer if they speak directly to me and for the most part I try to just ignore them…specially if the person likes to budge into conversations or interrupt with subject about their life that have nothing to with the subject at hand.


Last time we where all together I asked one of my best friends if I was mean for just ignoring this person. She answered me “It’s better to ignore her than to be fake!” and that made me think. How many times have we been fake to someone just because we don’t want to hurt them? I personally prefer not to pretend like I like someone! This person in particular was never my friend..we never had anything in common but I indured this person’s presence because it just didn’t really bother me. It was only when I found out things that had been done by this person that I lost all respect I had for her. No one really likes her and sometimes when she interrupts I just want to yell at her “no one cares!!!” but I obviously don’t! I mean..she didn’t even say happy birthday to my best friend when she got to her birthday lunch…how rude is that? The least you can do is congratulate or at least say hi to the birthday girl, right?

I find that the best thing to do in situations like this is just to be yourself. Don’t be fake, don’t pretend you like the person but don’t lie either if they (or someone else asks you). It’s tricky if you have to see them everyday or if they are dating/married to someone close to you like your best friend or brother/sister, but it’s manageable! My best friend was for 3 years with a girl I truly did not like and who was just with him for all the wrong reasons and I never lied to him! We had a bit of problems because of it, but in the end we got over it, we’ve been friends for so many years it wouldn’t be a girl to break us apart.


I really believe being yourself will bring you the right people into your life! It has to me! I used to pretend to be something or someone else and I was utterly unhappy.. I only really started saying what I think and being with who I want about two years ago! And I made wonderful friends! I learned who is important in my life and who was with me for all the wrong reasons…someone who’s only your friend for your good grades or stylish clothes is not a good and true friend!!!

Be yourself, don’t be afraid to show the world who you are, because you’re amazing the way you are! You’re unique and that should be celebrated! And there is nothing wrong in not liking someone!! I learned that the hard way, with a lot of guilty issues in the middle, but in the end I now know it’s ok and it’s normal! I don’t have to be friends with everyone as long as I don’t treat anyone badly and am true to myself. That’s the most important thing!

Sorry for all the rambles..this is just something that was on my mind since yesterday and I really love the friend who told me that it’s better ignoring someone than being fake to them. She’s an amazing person who should give herself a little more value!

I hope this post inspires someone out there to not be afraid to be themselves!

Healthy living: my three favorite (healthy!) drinks!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle and while that also means working out and eating healthier, some people tend to forget another important step of it…drinks!

I used to drink a lot of soda’ lot! Diet coke used to be my go-to soda and lets not even talk about my Redbull love affair!! Until one day I read a couple of articles about soda’s and I almost cut them out of my life… I say “almost” because from time to time I still drink them..if I go out for dinner or so I might drink a diet coke or a 7up, but for the most part I tend to gravitate to natural juices and water! One of the side-effects that my insulin medication gives is actually nausea, so in the first few months of taking it my doctor actually told me to drink carbonated (sugar free) drinks to help with the sickness feeling and lets just say that for a few months ginger ale and sugar free 7up were my best friends!


Although I did give up sodas and sugary drinks, I did not give up my beloved coffee! I just switched from sugar to sweetener and don’t drink more than one a day! Two ladies at my uni make the best lattes ever with foam and everything!!!


Tea is another of my favorite drinks! Above is my home made iced tea in my Starbucks thermos, my best friend for summer drinks! I don’t usually add sugar to my teas, but when I want that extra sweetness, I just use sweetener, to save the extra calories, and you can’t taste the difference!  (picture from back when I had instagram!)


And of course, my next favorite, water! I drink water everyday and as much as I can! I even have a bottle at all times on my desk at home and at work and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin and hair since I’ve been drinking more water!

These are my three favorite healthy drinks! What are yours?